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Loures is a city and a municipality in the central Portuguese Grande Lisboa Subregion. It is situated to the north of Lisbon. It was created on 26 July 1886 by a royal decree.  Loures has a total population of about 200.000 inhabitants, in which about 8% (16.700) are residents from abroad, with a very significant community from Africa, which represents 55%, namely Angola, Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Prince, and 22% coming from the Americas, particularly from Brazil.

The INE (National Statistical Institute) data, referring to the 2011 national census, still indicate that are living in Loures 6.224 citizens with dual nationality (plurinationality), which represents about 3%, but this data does not allow us to affirm that this is the number of residents in county who obtained Portuguese naturalization.

It should also be noted that each year, according to INE (the reporting period between 1999 and 2007), are required an average of 1.000 permits of residence in Loures.

It is important to refer to the absence of data from two factors that would be essential for a more authentic portrayal of the migrant population in the municipality of Loures, taking into account the expectations and desires as well as their intangible heritage and their socialization processes.

In the foreground, it is the total number of foreign immigrants who become naturalized, which would represent an important piece of work on the logic of building a communication for integration and interculturalism in the intervention plan.





Take a tour of Loures’ neighbourhood

6 March 2015
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Take a tour of Loures’ neighbourhood

On 28 February 2015, some 130 persons participated in the guided tour of Quinta do Mocho neighbourhood conducted by the C4i team of Loures, Portugal, together with local artists and youth. In October 2014, breath-taking frescos were painted on 35 buildings in the neighbourhood, with the help of 2000 artists and local residents, 25 NGOs and 43 private companies. The aim of this 3 days’ intervention, known as “O Bairro I o Mundo” (the neighborhood and the world), was to change the image of the neighbourhood which used to be considered as dangerous, destroy prejudices against its residents from diverse backgrounds and increase interaction and the sense of belonging to the neighbourhood.

The evaluation of the initiative, made through empirical observation and an extensive survey, demonstrated that it has contributed to fostering social cohesion and local development through cultural expression. Furthermore, it contributed to changing the image of the neighbourhood and increased perception of safety. As a resident of a near-by wealthier area posted on the “O Bairro I o Mundo” facebook page, thanks to the event, she had overcome her fear of visiting Quinta do Mocho, after 10 years’ living “on the other side of the avenue.” So, with her family, she just crossed the street to see the frescos.

Another guided tour of Quinta do Mocho will take place on 28 March 2015. Children will be trained to offer a guided tour of a public art gallery in the neighbourhood, which has reached 3000 likes on the “O Bairro I o Mundo” facebook page.

Facebook page “O Bairro I o Mundo”

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