Lublin: Antirumours Methodology ToT

Lublin, Poland 14 October 2014
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Lublin: Antirumours Methodology ToT

How to react to rumours and stereotypes about foreigners?
How to share the knowledge with others and get them on board as antirumours agents?
How to build a positive atmosphere for migrants in Lublin?
How is it done in Barcelona?
All of these questions were answered during last month's Training of Trainers for antirumours agents.

The workshop was organized by the Municipality of Lublin on the 14th of October, 2014 as a part of „Communication for Integration” project. The training was held by Daniel de Torres, expert on intercultural policy and diversity management of Intercultural Cities Programme of the Council of Europe. The participants were representatives of Lublin NGOs, local and government institutions as well as universities. The content was both theoretical knowledge on stereotypes and prejudices, and practical tips on how to dismantle them, based on famous Barcelona antirumours strategy. In the end the participants, equipped with all the necessary information, were able to share their own ideas for actions within the Communication for Integration project.

Lively discussions, work in small groups and loads of positive energy all contributed to many creative ideas that will serve as inspiration for future activities within the C4i.

What's most important - the training met the expectations of participants and inspired them to include antirumours methodology in their future work. "I can see a great value in activities targeted at large, mainstream groups - said one of them after the training. - What's new to me is that sometimes these activities may be as important as solving specific problems that migrants have". It is now up to the participants (with our help, of course!) to forward the message to others - students, pupils, seniors, arts and books lovers... Spreading the message with the help of social networks, along the cultural activities and communication strategy, will be one of the greatest outcomes of the project. The energy created during the ToT session with Daniel de Torres will, without any doubt, contribute to its success.

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