Theme: Le patrimoine perdu
Date: 12-13 et 19-20 septembre 2015

Description: The Lost Heritage is the theme of the 23rd annual edition of European Heritage Days soon to be taking place in Poland, during which we will discuss all aspects of the subject. The first would be the enormous losses within the Polish cultural heritage assets that the country suffered as a result of WWII whose ending's 70th anniversary is to be celebrated this year. The next issue is the loss of the material sources of identity caused by changes on the political map of Europe after WWII which led to resettling many thousands of people from East to Poland. The next topic, frequently discussed recently is the loss of the national treasure, art collections, valuable architectural monuments and the forgotten local traditions and beliefs. And finally we will talk about why we should make public opinion more aware of heritage that is about to be forgotten, but that still can be preserved.


Thème : Patrimoine - une source d'identité 
Date : 13-14 et 20-21 septembre 2014

Description: The twenty second edition of the European Heritage Days in Poland (13th, 14th, 20th and 21st of September 2014) is being promoted under the nationwide theme “The Heritage – a Source of Identity”. The choice of such a universal theme allows many interpretations. There are various aspects of the identity, which are rooted in our common past: a sense of belonging to community or nation, a sense of connectedness with the history, language, tradition and family. That all helps us to understand the broader context of relations with the environment and, as a result, our perception of historic monuments becomes a more conscious one.


Thème : La Pologne ne s'est pas construite en 1 jour
Date : 7-8 et 14-15 septembre 2013

Pologne : coordinateur national

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