Thème : Le patrimoine perdu
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Thème : Patrimoine - une source d'identité 
Date : 13-14 et 20-21 septembre 2014

Description: The twenty second edition of the European Heritage Days in Poland (13th, 14th, 20th and 21st of September 2014) is being promoted under the nationwide theme “The Heritage – a Source of Identity”. The choice of such a universal theme allows many interpretations. There are various aspects of the identity, which are rooted in our common past: a sense of belonging to community or nation, a sense of connectedness with the history, language, tradition and family. That all helps us to understand the broader context of relations with the environment and, as a result, our perception of historic monuments becomes a more conscious one.


Thème : La Pologne ne s'est pas construite en 1 jour
Date : 7-8 et 14-15 septembre 2013

Pologne : coordinateur national

M. Marcin Rembacz

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