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YouthBarCamp. A Guide for Practical Use

YouthBarCamp. A Guide for Practical Use
Publication date
14/10/15 21:34

YouthBarCamps shows possible solutions and know-how about how the format BarCamp can be adapted to youth work.

This is a publication created by the Institute for Communication in Social Media (Institut für Kommunikation in sozialen Medien, and Mediale Pfade – Agency for Media Education
( on behalf of the project Youthpart. Youthpart was a project by IJAB – International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany (Fachstelle für Internationale Jugendarbeit der
Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.) that ran until the end of 2014.

e-participation, barcamp, youth work
Document Type
  • Teaching Tools
Year of publication
  • 2014
  • Germany
Regions / areas
  • Europe
  • European Union