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RIDE Needs Analysis Report

RIDE Needs Analysis Report
Publication date
23/11/17 09:45

The Needs Analysis was developed within RIDE project co-funded by Erasmus+ of European Commision. In the Needs Analysis Report the RIDE partners looked at the current status of youth work and needs of young people in the five partner countries. They conducted both a literature review and interviews and focus groups with youth workers.

The research showed that there are fundamental differences both in the conceptualization of youth work and in the practice. Likewise, young people face diverse problems in the partner countries: some of them are suffering mostly of socio-economic difficulties, while others struggle more with geographic obstacles and cultural differences.

Results from all Country Reports were collated in the Complete Needs Analysis Report; you can further download below the single Country Reports from United Kingdom, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia and Turkey.


RIDE Partners:


needs analysis, youth, youth work, inclusion, eguality, diversity, Europe
Document Type
  • Reports
  • Research literature
  • Project documents
Year of publication
  • 2015
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  • Italy
  • Slovak Republic
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • Croatia
Regions / areas
  • Europe
  • European Union