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RIDE Principles and Approaches Report

RIDE Principles and Approaches Report
Publication date
02/11/17 17:22

The Principles and Approaches Report was developed within RIDE project co-funded byErasmus+ and it gives youth workers the opportunity to think deeper about inclusion, diversity and equality in order to enhance their understanding and consider their response for their daily practice.

Inclusion, diversity and equality are terms which are often spoken about. Why should youth workers engage in the promotion of these values? What underpins these terms? What do they mean? Does everyone have the same understanding of them?

After a theoretical introduction into the terms and their historical-philosophical roots, the report sums up information gathered from the United Kingdom, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Slovakia, including:

  • Description of the individual national circumstances for inclusion;
  • EU legislation compared with home country legislation;
  • Analysis of national guidance for youth workers, professional practice guidelines, and associated value bases.

This information is brought together to compare and contrast the principles for practice in order to develop a clear rationale for an inclusive and comprehensive approach for youth work.



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diversity, eguality, inclusion, RIDEproject, youth, youthwork
Document Type
  • Reports
Year of publication
  • 2015
  • Italy
Regions / areas
  • Europe