Partner institutions

The European Commission  and the Council of Europe  are the main stakeholders of the EU-CoE youth partnership.

They strive to involve, and to use the multiplying potential of, their networks and partners, including the European Youth Forum, National Agencies  of the European Commission's Erasmus+ (Youth in Action) programme, the SALTO Resource Centres, ERYICA  and Eurodesk, and the Council of Europe's governmental (CDEJ) and non-governmental partners (Advisory Council), ministries responsible for youth issues in the members states, as well as research bodies. Partnership activities also benefit from the accumulated experience of the European Youth Centres  in Strasbourg and Budapest and the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe in Lisbon.

Partnership Management Board

All decisions are taken jointly by the two partner institutions in the Partnership Management Board. It brings together European Commission and Council of Europe representatives and observers at least once a year. Meetings are held in Brussels and Strasbourg alternately.