The European Union - Council of Europe youth partnership is meant to create synergies between the commitments and activities of the two partner institutions in the youth field in situations and on issues that justify a common European approach.

It is based on the principle of a balanced involvement of the partner institutions in terms of political priorities, management, funding and visibility. It brings together their individual strengths and allows for the use of common sources and results. It strives to ensure visibility of the institutions' cooperation towards their political stakeholders and the European youth sector.

All the activities are linked to the values and priorities of both institutions, add value to their political objectives, are complementary and avoid overlaps. They address the needs of young people and the wider youth field, including decision makers, governmental experts, youth researchers, youth practitioners and youth organisations. Their participation is essential to a successful EU-CoE youth partnership.

Geographical coverage encompasses the European Union and Council of Europe members and other signatory states of the European Cultural Convention, as well as neighbouring South Mediterranean countries.

As specific themes in 2017, the two institutions agreed to focus on:

  1. Participation/citizenship, including new concepts and tools
  2. Social inclusion with a focus on outreach, access to social rights, and fighting new forms of xenophobia and discrimination against vulnerable groups
  3. Recognition and quality of youth work.