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Societies work best when all its members are fully included

Societies, like businesses, function best when all resources are fully used and inclusive education is the only mechanism available that ensures all human resources to be fully used for the sake of the whole society, said Sophie Beaumont, Task Manager for Education and Gender issues at the...

Euronews Documentary "No Barriers At School"

A special documentary on inclusive education is being aired by the Euronews TV channel, focusing on two pilot schools from the joint EU/CoE Project "Regional Support for Inclusive Education". The documentary entitled “No Barriers at School” was filmed earlier this month in Montenegro and in...

Incisive teacher cooperation turns airport strand into a productive and insightful experience

Waiting at airports can be a real nuisance. However, for a group of teachers from six different schools from South Eastern Europe, being stuck at Frankfurt airport on the way to Trier, Germany, turned out to be an insightful experience. While waiting, Dorina Murati, an English teacher at the...

A step forward for the development of the regional policy recommendations is a giant leap for inclusive education

When Gordana Nestorovska went to primary school, there was no inclusive education whatsoever, not even discussion about it. Children with special needs went to special, completely different schools that the ones she attended. They were not included in regular classes and there was no debate on...

Interview with Nataša Janevska

Regional cooperation on inclusive education has also helped to dispel the stereotypical understanding of the “inclusive school” as a school for children with special needs due to their physical disabilities, says Nataša Janevska, State Advisor at the Ministry of Education and Science in “the...

Inclusive School Net


A good school is an inclusive school

A special radio show on education called Out of the box on Croatian radio HRT was dedicated to inclusive education in Croatia and in the South Eastern Europe region. The show also covered the Conference Inclusive Education in Practice in Zagreb, 28-29 October 2014.

Interviews with Tatjana Vuçani and Snežana Vuković

16-18 October 2014
Improved communication and greater co-operation in the South East Europe region is essential for identifying appropriate tools and mechanisms needed for promoting truly inclusive education. At least that is the shared impression of Snežana Vuković, head of the department for strategy and...

Study visit brings best inclusion practice

‘Schools should adjust to children and not children to schools'. This is the clear message from the EU member states, according to participants from South East Europe speaking about their first study trip to the Grand Region. "This study trip brought knowledge, and knowledge makes us understand the world", said Azra Kardović, from the Montenegrin Primary school "Mustafa Pećanin" in Rožaje.

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