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Draft tool for upgrading teacher training for inclusive education to be presented at a workshop in Edinburgh

The first draft of the tool for upgrading teacher training programmes with inclusive education practices and principles will be presented at a workshop that will be held on 18-20 May in Edinburgh, UK. This special tool is being developed by the Joint EU/CoE Project “Regional Support for Inclusive...

Complementing efforts for teacher preparation on inclusive education

Teacher training modules to better prepare teachers in creating fully accessible and participatory class environments that will successfully stimulate children craving for success – were introduced at the recent Regional Inclusive Education Teacher Preparation Workshop organised by UNICEF and the...

Commissioner for Human Rights highlights Inclusive Education

The Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr Nils Muižnieks, has just published a very interesting comment on his blog entitled “Inclusive Education vital for social cohesion in diverse societies”.  In it, he discusses the right of every child to quality education; he draws on evidence from various...

Inclusion requires continuous education

Learning through personal experience is one of the most effective methods of acquiring knowledge. For Radica Blagojević - Radovanović, a psychologist from the primary school “Aleksa Dejović” from Sevojno, Serbia, learning through experience is particularly important for school staff and for...

Inclusive education in practice - from lessons learned in Turkey to a classroom wall in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As the teacher prepares to conclude her lessons for the day, in a schoolroom in Edirne, Turkey, the mother of one of the children starts preparing the classroom for the school bell euphoria that will soon commence. It is almost 12 noon, and like all children, these students are impatient to go...

Inclusive School Net


A good school is an inclusive school

A special radio show on education called Out of the box on Croatian radio HRT was dedicated to inclusive education in Croatia and in the South Eastern Europe region. The show also covered the Conference Inclusive Education in Practice in Zagreb, 28-29 October 2014.

Interviews with Tatjana Vuçani and Snežana Vuković

16-18 October 2014
Improved communication and greater co-operation in the South East Europe region is essential for identifying appropriate tools and mechanisms needed for promoting truly inclusive education. At least that is the shared impression of Snežana Vuković, head of the department for strategy and...

Study visit brings best inclusion practice

‘Schools should adjust to children and not children to schools'. This is the clear message from the EU member states, according to participants from South East Europe speaking about their first study trip to the Grand Region. "This study trip brought knowledge, and knowledge makes us understand the world", said Azra Kardović, from the Montenegrin Primary school "Mustafa Pećanin" in Rožaje.

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