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Director General urges governments to invest more in education

Snežana Samardžić-Marković, the Director General for Democracy at the Council of Europe has just...

Small grants, big experience

A total of 49 projects addressing some quite specific needs and priorities on how to achieve...

Interview with Ognen Spasovski

Ognen Spasovski (OS) is the Focal Point for the Policynet team in the “former Yugoslav Republic...

Regional policymakers identify regional priorities

Greater parental involvement, developing a more holistic teaching approach, ensuring constant...

Teacher learning for inclusion: the teachers’ perspective

When it is about what happens in the classroom, it is often said that teachers know best. They...

Inclusive School Net


Interviews with Tatjana Vuçani and Snežana Vuković

16-18 October 2014
Improved communication and greater co-operation in the South East Europe region is essential for identifying appropriate tools and mechanisms needed for promoting truly inclusive education. At least that is the shared impression of Snežana Vuković, head of the department for strategy and...

A good school is an inclusive school

A special radio show on education called Out of the box on Croatian radio HRT was dedicated to inclusive education in Croatia and in the South Eastern Europe region. The show also covered the Conference Inclusive Education in Practice in Zagreb, 28-29 October 2014.


Study visit brings best inclusion practice

‘Schools should adjust to children and not children to schools'. This is the clear message from the EU member states, according to participants from South East Europe speaking about their first study trip to the Grand Region. "This study trip brought knowledge, and knowledge makes us understand the world", said Azra Kardović, from the Montenegrin Primary school "Mustafa Pećanin" in Rožaje.

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