Emerald Network of Nature Protection Sites, Phase II

The Emerald Network under the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats is set-up to ensure that all high biodiversity areas of European importance are identified, their ecological inventories completed and their importance recognised legally. The identified Emerald Network sites will then benefit from adequate protection, while allowing human social and economic activities and encouraging sustainable human-nature interaction. This European Union/Council of Europe project contributes to the establishment of the Emerald Network in seven target countries (see map below).


Tbilisi, Georgia April 2016

The development of the Emerald Network is effectively progressing in the past 3 years.

The Georgian NGO NACRES -working on the setting-up of the Network in the country alongside the national authorities-, is pleased to announce the creation of a new website presenting the Network, its features and processes. The availability of information in local languages is a prerequisite for stronger involvement of local communities in the network setting-up.


Strasbourg, France September 2015

Why establishing the Emerald Network?

A new short leaflet presenting the methodology and benefits of establishing the Emerald Network was produced and is now available for download in both English and French.

The material targets both the large public and decision-makers at national level. It informs on the current progress in the implementation of the Network in all countries contributing to its setting-up, recapping its success in three key figures.




Iva Obretenova, Project Manager
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Tania Braulio, Project Assistant
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Marc Roekaerts, Independent expert to the project