Species of wild plants and animals, including their habitats, participate in many natural functions which ensure overall ecological balances vital for humans. Among these is the protection of soil against erosion, climate regulation, water purification or food production. These functions contribute both to the sustainable development and the future of our democratic societies.

However, today 15% of Europe's mammals or 13% of birds’ species are threatened with extinction. With their decline or even extinction, many of the vital ecosystem services nature provides to humans are weakened. The Emerald Network under the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats is being set-up to ensure that all high biodiversity areas of European importance are identified, their ecological inventories completed and their importance recognised legally. The Emerald sites which will form the Network will have to benefit from adequate protection, while allowing human social and economic activities and encouraging sustainable human-nature interaction.

The project is aiming at the establishment of the Emerald Network in seven target countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, the European part of the Russian Federation and Ukraine).

  • Second interim progress report

    Second interim progress report

    April 2015

    Strasbourg, France

    The project management team prepared a second interim progress report. It presents the results achieved mid-term through the project implementation and informs on cooperation between national authorities and the NGO sector in the target countries.

  • Year 2015 Calendars focussing on the Emerald Network

    Year 2015 Calendars focussing on the Emerald Network

    January 2015

    Two national Emerald teams produced a Year 2015 Calendar focussing on the Emerald Network in their countries. The Republic of Moldova illustrated their Calendar 2015 with a map indicating their national Emerald Network areas.

  • The Emerald Network evaluation to be kicked-off in 2015

    The Emerald Network evaluation to be kicked-off in 2015

    May 2015

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    The Emerald Network evaluation process will be kicked-off in 2015. This evaluation takes the form of a series of so-called Emerald Biogeographical Seminars. A first Seminar objective is to agree on the reference list for species and habitats for each of the countries targeted by the meeting.

Calendar 2015

27-29 May 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia: Emerald biogeographical evaluation Seminar for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia for all habitats and species (except birds) and all biogeographical regions

28-30 September 2015, Petrozavodsk, Russian Federation: Emerald biogeographical evaluation Seminar for the Arctic and Boreal biogeographical regions, Alpine region for the Urals, for all habitats and species (except birds)

End of November 2015 (2 days), Minsk, Belarus: Emerald biogeographical Seminar for bird species for Belarus, Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine


Iva Obretenova, Project Manager
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Tania Braulio, Project Assistant
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Marc Roekaerts, Independent expert to the project