Theme: Reflection of Riga in the streets of historic towns
Date: 12-14 September 2014

Description: In 2014 Riga became the European Capital of Culture 2014. A great variety of cultural activities will be held in the city. Since long time ago it is considered that „all roads lead to Riga” therefore historically there are streets, squares and main roads bearing the name of Riga in many towns of Latvia.  Frequently these streets serve as backbones for historic urban structure. The chosen theme for the European Heritage Days lets us focus on issues concerning urban heritage, individual buildings as well as urban landscape and interconnection between its tangible and intangible character. There are 65 Rigan streets in towns and villages of Latvia therefore it gives a chance to pay broader attention to the name of Riga during the culturally important year of the city. Riga was an important destination also for Estonians. Historical Riga roads connect South- Estonian cities to the European Cultural Capital. The State Inspection for Heritage Protection in cooperation with local municipalities and owners of the objects, wants to focus on the streets of Latvian towns, that existed for a longer period of time and each have their own interesting histories or simple, fact-based stories, the streets that form certain landscapes by individual unique objects and where one can feel concern for the preservation of cultural heritage.


Theme: Schools in cultural monuments
Date: 8 September 2013

Latvia: national coordinator

Ms Baiba Murniece

State Inspection for Heritage Protection
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LV - 1050 RIGA

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