Theme: The invisible cultural environment
Date: 12-14 September 2014

Description: In 2014, the Finnish theme of the European Heritage Days is The Invisible Cultural Environment. The aim is to highlight the different aspects of the cultural environment that are not noticeable at first.

Cultural environments are not only highly valued and protected buildings or areas, but they may also be something discreet and even something perceived as ugly. These invisible elements can consist of archaeological heritage, a landscape in different seasons, environmental sounds and scents, or an already lost cultural environment. Cultural environments also contain stories, habits, memories, experiences, and opinions.

Changes in the cultural environment also reflect changes in values. A cultural environment that was highly valued in the past may become invisible and forgotten or, vice versa, what has been previously ignored may become valuable depending on the time and people’s interpretation.

Making the invisible visible!

Local actors will organise open days, guided tours, exhibitions and other events. Museums, schools, agencies, associations and other new actors are welcomed to join in the celebrations. In line with the theme, the events will bring to light something previously invisible or a hidden part of the cultural heritage. Events related to the cultural environment in general are also well suited for the European Heritage Days.

The main events are planned for the weekend of 12-14 September, but individual events can be arranged throughout the year. Arrange your own event or participate in the planned events of the theme year 2014!


Theme: Long Live the Construction!
Date: 6-8 September 2013

Tapiola's outdoor pool, Espoo, Finland.
Photo © Volker von Bonin


Theme: Sports and Recreation
Date: 7-9 September 2012

Description: 2012 is a year of sports. London will host the summer Olympics and Finland is looking back 60 years to 1952 when the Olympic Games were held in Helsinki. The legendary Helsinki Olympic Stadium will also be the venue for this year's European Athletics Championships. The EHDs in Finland traditionally focus on the built heritage. Local sports and recreation facilities are immensely important for our well-being and are also a noteworthy part of the built environment. The theme Sports and Recreation highlights our sporting heritage from large stadiums to local sports fields and swimming halls.

Finland: national coordinator

Ms Liisa Lohtander

Organisation Manager
European Heritage Days
Suomen Kotiseutuliitto / The Finnish Local Heritage Federation
Kalevankatu 13 A