Theme: Legacy of the Great War in Europe
Date: 8-14 September 2014


Theme: The Heirs of Heritage
Date: 9-15 September 2013


Theme: The Heritage of War and Peace
Date: 3-9 September 2012

Description: Europe’s history has not always been peaceful development, but has also been marked with conflict and war. Each period has left clear traces in people’s minds and is reflected in architecture and monuments. An International conference „Cold War – Hot Topic in Europe“ will mark the European Heritage Days in Estonia on 6 – 7 September. There are still quite clear traces from the Cold War period in all Europe that often seem strange and frightening to us and that by now are disappearing rapidly. The conference will address various topics related to the Cold War period in Europe and the post-conference tour will introduce some of the traces left from this time in Estonia. Speakers from Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Estonia will participate. The main objective is to strengthen mutual understanding between neighbouring countries around the Baltic Sea through an exchange of information on their recent history. The idea is that history should be told from the historically valuable sites at which historic events took place.

Estonia: national coordinator

Ms Helle-Silvia Solnask

Vice Chairman
Estonian Heritage Society
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