Theme: The City Space – a Scene for Action
Date: 12-13 September 2014

Description: Events of the EHD in Belarus will take place in the historical centre of Minsk – an area that matches the main idea of the Programme. The original spirit of the historical buildings and monuments creates a unique atmosphere for arts, outstanding ideas and performances. Public lections of Belarusian experts in Heritage preservation, restoration and arrangement will be held in the frameworks of the Programme. Thus Belarusian architect Vadzim Glinnik will dispute the aspects of integrated conservation approaches in concrete Belarusian practices, both positive and negative. Sculptor Pavel Vainicki will explain how art projects can fill and underline the spirit of the cultural city space.


Theme: Intangible cultural heritage: Society, Location
Date: 26-27 September 2013

Description: In year 2013 this event is very prominent for Belarus. 2013 is a year of anniversary celebrations. Since 1993 we have been striving to present a new view on the objects of historical and cultural heritage of Belarus, to provide people with deeper knowledge of our history and culture. During 20 years this event was held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Belarus. Since 2009 the main organizer of this event has been the Institute of Culture of Belarus. This year we decided to promote the theme of “living” cultural heritage. On the one hand this is a good possibility to remind of such event as celebrating 10th anniversary of Convention on preservation of intangible cultural heritage. On the other hand it is a good way of presentation of a new website “Living heritage”. It was found with the financial and consultancy support of UNESCO). This website gives the opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with people’s culture, rituals and traditions. The website also contains professionally compiled database on each region of Belarus.

Belarus: national coordinator

Ms Natalia Khvir

Head of the Division of Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus
11, ave. Pobediteley
BY-220050 MINSK

 +375 17 200 49 07