Theme: Looking back - after hundred years
Date: 27-28 of September 2014


Theme: Heirs of Heritage
Date: 31 August - 1st September 2013


Theme: Way
Date: 29-30 September 2012

Description: The European Heritage Days have already formed tradition in Armenia celebrating every year all over the country, which coordination is undertaken by Ministry of Culture. This year it will be held on 29-30 September with the theme “Way”. This is a diverse concept and can be perceived and interpreted individually “The Spiritual Way”, “The Literary Way”, “The Silk Road” etc. During these two days numerous historical-cultural monuments and more than 50 museums will host people with festive mood and notable events, all visitors will have access free of charge.

Archeological heritage and historic-cultural monuments have central place in the event. Visits will take place to Erebuni, Shengavit Archeological sites and Artashat Old Capital with the title “The exceptional achievements of Archeology. 2012”, where will be shown the role and importance of the archeological investigations and discoveries in the process of the development of civilizations. It's expected that the delegation of the president of the Republic of Armenia will also visit these sites.

This is a great occasion to discover and evaluate the centuries-old Armenian Culture in a new way. One of the targets is to involve youth to increase their awareness about the cultural values.

As Yerevan was declared “The World Book Capital 2012” by UNESCO, there will be organized some events concerning this great occasion, particularly, in 8 Secondary and 2 High schools will take place presentations and lectures made by students of museology faculty with the title “The Literary Way of Yerevan”. On our facebook page will be organized competitions of essays and photographs with the titles “Cultural Heritage on the Road of New and Old” and “The Monuments in Our Family Album”.

The main aim is to emphasize the importance of the public role and its active participation in the preservation of the Cultural Heritage.

Armenia: national coordinator

Ms Ani Hovsepyan

Junior Specialist for the International Relations Department
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia
Republic Square, Government Building 3

 + 374 10 56 60 65