Launch of an Exhibition Event in Strasbourg

The exhibition « Democracy and Human Rights in School » as well as the animations inspired by the 10 most popular entries are being presented to the public at the Lieu d’Europe, 8 rue Boecklin, 67000 Strasbourg, until 3rd April 2015.

Third coordination meeting

17-18 February 2015 Strasbourg (France)
The representatives of Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania and the Russian Federation met for the third coordination of the pilot project “Teacher training in EDC/HRE – how to develop the ability of students to assess information from media and social networks?” at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg...

Third coordination meeting

27-28 January 2015 Vienna (Austria)
Representatives from Albania, Austria, Cyprus, France, Ireland, Montenegro, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom met at the Demokratie Zentrum in Vienna on 27-28 January 2015 for the third coordination meeting of the pilot project “Teaching controversial issues – developing effective training for...

Second project coordination meeting

20 October 2014 Strasbourg
On 20th October 2014 the second coordination meeting of the pilot project Teaching controversial issues – developing effective training for teachers and school leaders was held in Strasbourg.

Meeting of the Advisory Board

23 October 2014 Strasbourg
The Advisory Board to the Pilot Projects Scheme met in Strasbourg on 23 October 2014. This meeting allowed the Advisory Board members the opportunity to take stock of progress in the implementation of the two on-going pilot projects and to reflect on the preparation of the 2015 cycle of the Scheme.

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