Antirumours Networks for Diversity

Have you ever heard expressions like “Immigrants receive more financial aid to open their businesses, and they don’t pay taxes…”; “Immigrants are overcrowding our health services…” or “Immigrants don’t want to integrate or learn our language…”? Such ideas, generally unsupported by facts and data, target specific groups as ‘problematic’ and generate mistrust and social conflict.

C4i-Communication for Integration, co-funded by the Council of Europe and the European Commission (European Integration Fund), targets prejudices, rumours and stereotypes by using viral information techniques to provide evidence-based answers to common misconceptions. Active participation from citizens as “anti-rumor agents” is a key feature of C4i.

The project is based on a partnership network of 11 cities, working together to implement an innovative public policy to promote life –peace, diversity and social cohesion.


  • Action anti-rumour in a celebration of Solidarity Party

    Action anti-rumour in a celebration of Solidarity Party

    4 October 2014

    Sabadell, Spain

    The cultural event “Mostra de la Solidaritat” (Solidarity Show) was held on October 4th 2014, with more than 700 visitors attending the event and counting on the presence of the Anti-Rumour...

  • Lublin: Antirumours Methodology ToT

    Lublin: Antirumours Methodology ToT

    14 October 2014

    Lublin, Poland

    How to react to rumours and stereotypes about foreigners? How to share the knowledge with others and get them on board as antirumours agents? How to build a positive atmosphere for migrants in...

  • 2nd C4i visit to Patras: project sustainability through political shifts

    2nd C4i visit to Patras: project sustainability through political shifts

    10 October 2014

    Patras, Greece

    On 10 October 2014, Patras welcomed the second C4i visit by Sean O’Siochru, C4i evaluation consultant, and Christina Baglai, C4i project manager. The visit took place in a context of political...

The project aims to:

  • Use social networks and viral information channels to provide correct information and explanations on migration and diversity and combat unfounded (but widespread) myths and misconceptions.
  • Devise a methodology and tools that will enable a wide range of cities across Europe to apply the social communication & networking method in the field of diversity and integration. C4i-Antirumours will transfer to 10 partner cities the innovative social communication & networking method experimented successfully in Barcelona.
  • Assess the impact of the method among the population in project locations in order to verify its effectiveness.

Partner cities (click on the map)

C4i is part of the living together in diversity action strand of the Council of Europe and builds upon the knowledge base developed in the framework of the joint CoE/EU programme Intercultural Cities.

Visits and meetings

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Christina Baglai
Project Manager
 +33 390 21 59 37

Georgios Klis
Project assistant
+33 388 41 20 09